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In regard to the use of the T square and set squares, no useful rules can be given except to observe others, and experiment until convenient customs are attained. A beginner should be careful of adopting unusual plans, and above all things, of making important discoveries as to new plans of using instruments, assuming that common practice is all wrong, and that it is left for him to develop the true and proper way of drawing. This is a kind of discovery which is very apt to intrude itself at the beginning of an apprentice's course in many matters besides drawing, and often leads him to do and say many things which he will afterwards wish to recall.

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A finisher's engine lathe consists essentially of a strong inflexible shear or frame, a running spindle with from eight to sixteen changes of motion, a sliding head, or tail stock, and a sliding carriage to hold and move the tools.!
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Proceeding from these premises, the first thing should be to examine the action of existing valve gear, to determine where this want of the dead-stroke function can best be supplied, and to gain the aid of such suggestions as existing mechanism may offer, also to see how far the appliances in use may become a part of any new arrangement..
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A proof of this proposition is furnished in the case of standard machine tools for metal-cutting, a class of machinery that for many years past has received the most thorough attention at the hands of our best mechanical engineers.
Count Rumford did not by chance develope the philosophy of forces upon which we may say the whole science of dynamics now rests; he set out upon a methodical plan to demonstrate conceptions that were already matured in his mind, and to verify principles which he had assumed by inductive reasoning. The greater part of really good and substantial improvements, such as have performed any considerable part in developing modern mechanical engineering, have come through this course of first dealing with primary principles, instead of groping about blindly after mechanical expedients, and present circumstances point to a time not far distant when chance discovery will quite disappear.
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